Puffer Fish Collagen Face Mask
  • Puffer Fish Collagen Face Mask
  • Puffer Fish Collagen Face Mask
  • Puffer Fish Collagen Face Mask
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 Pufferfish contains higher collagen than many other fish, so its perfect for beauty enhancement. Pufferfish is a kind of rare fish. It also known as Fugu Fish in Japan. This collagen have been clinically use among famous celebrities in Japan when it first found.


  • Skin gets more elasticity, wrinkles refined and clear radiant skin.


  • Repair dull skins.
  • Eliminate the melanin that causes freckles.
  • Whitening darkened skin or burned skin.
  • Reduce aging skin and grow young and new cells.
  • Fight against wrinkles and fine lines.

1. After cleansing and toner, apply one drop to the entire face.
2. One drop is enough to the entire face as it works well even in a small quantity.
3. Please do not apply too much.
4. After opening, please keep in the refrigerator all the time.
For best result, this serum can be applied once after our “Advance Formulated Placenta & Collagen Face Mask” taken off.


  • When products do not meet your skin, discontinue use. Also, if in use, after using the redness, swelling, itching, irritation or any other dermatologist to consult. Can worsen symptoms and continue to be used.
  • Do not in-use to have eczema scars, swelling, etc..
  • After use always close lid.
  • May have only the parts of the CAP and nozzle to move and shift, so when you move body please.
  • Do not store the device in extreme hot or cold in a direct sunlight.
  • Should be placed just out of reach of children.
  • Transport on the carton and the container a few little scratches, stains, etc. Please note that.
  • Shipping situation can cause some scratches may note that please.
  • If the packages differ due to reasons such as renewal.
  • If the package specification is subject to change without prior notice.
  • Recorded the reference retail price if not released in Japan.


  • Keep in cool and dry place, avoiding high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight.
  • After opening as much as possible ahead of time do not use.
  • We also dry cap closes securely and beauty solutions.